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To fear death is to fear life; you can't have one without the other.

- Exilement

Book Trailer

(1 min   36 sec)

This is a trailer I created for the book, The Dark Half, by Stephen King. Being a horror story, the main focus was to produce fear in the viewer while only revealing certain aspects of the plot.


The sound track was taken from the film, The Gray, which uses similar themes of death and trepidation - the fear of the unknown. Like the film, I learned that horror is created gradually over time, and must be carefully introduced in order to be genuine. It dawned on me that every genre has its own protocol, and should be treated as an individual form of art with different fundamentals.


I highly reccomend the book if you're looking for a psychotic scare with a twist of mystery,


(Song credit: Last Walk - Marc Streitenfeld)

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