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Two of a Kind

This drawing focuses on use of negative space, paying attention to the surroundings of an object instead of the object itself.


Pictured are two stools stacked together, one inside the other. The negative spaces were first done with pencil, then traced over with black sharpie.


The surrounding designs were drawn directly with permanent marker, leaving no room for error; working with ink can be difficult when trying to avoid smudges, overlaps, or mistakes in general.


Not only are there two separate chairs involved, but the division of cool and warm colors is seen throughout the top half. As the colors reach the bottom, everything begins to blend and expand into paint splatters.


The entire drawing comes to show how mixing color, geometry, and form can yield beautifully unexpected results. On a deeper note, humans are capable of doing the same with our advancing world, but only if we work together and put aside our differences of gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

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