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Casey Neistat -

1 Year Anniversary

Casey Neistat is a world renowned film maker who inspires viewers and other artists based off his lifestyle of hard work, determination, and love for creativity. Casey lives in New York City and since March 25th of 2015, he has uploaded a daily video to his YouTube channel about his life as a company leader, a father, and what he's learned throughout his dynamic life.


I began watching his daily videos, also known as "vlogs", since April of last year and have yet to miss a single day. As a way to celebrate his one year achievement, I created a life size poster about 15 x 30 inches that I would personally present to him at the front door to his office in New York City.


Based off the principles of simplicity and design (something Casey aspires), I decided to create a low polygon portrait based off his YouTube profile picture. Surrounding him is one of his most powerful quotes that inspires me and millions of others, carefully lining up just under the 365 letters and gently making contact with his vibrant red suit.

Ready to take to NYC!

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