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Voyager III

We were wanderers from the beginning.

The open road still softly calls, like a nearly forgotten song of childhood.

- Carl Sagan

As humans reach the future, our own existence becomes more and more at risk from war, famine, or loss of nature. This digital drawing depicts Voyager III, the last space craft to ever leave Earth if all else fails.


In 1977, NASA deployed two probes into outer space known as Voyager I & Voyager II. The mission intentions were to make an attempt to contact any potential extraterrestrial life while exploring the solar system planets.


On board Voyager I & II was the Golden Record, consisting of diagrams describing our location in the Universe, and how to play the record itself titled Sounds of Earth.


Like it's predecessors, Voyager III will hopefully carry our knowledge, genetic material, and memories for other potentially advanced lifeforms to retrieve. Our legacy would be out there, exploring the Universe, wandering.

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