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If you believe in this world, then no one has died in vain.

- Julian Casablancas

No Where to be Found

(2 min   56 sec)

This is a short film I created after watching a similar scene while waiting for a train to New York City. Observing these few moments made me realize how we need to help each other as much as we help ourselves, regardless of race, wealth, or current state of living.


The title emphasizes this idea with separating nowhere into two words. For some people there never is a place, or a "where", in which they can find themselves, or call a home. At the same time, it uses the phrase, "no where to be found", because no one can recognize the main character.


This animation took about a year to make, storyboarding each scene and perfecting every frame. Working on it for such an extended period of time proved to be difficult, but extremely rewarding by the end. Focusing on one single animation taught me how much more valuable quality is over quantity, and the dedication that comes with it.


(Song credit: The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin)

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